fictionalizing dreams 1

She kept looking. His eyes were a tired window to some faraway place she’d dreamed of but never believed. Don’t forget that we exist. She hoped with every ounce of her being that he’d give more information. She’d always dreamed of knowing. Just a moment ago she’d been shocked to find this stranger in her home….

one day i will make my own music. it’ll be a fusion of hip hop filipino folk hymns and gospel..

this morning,   “Power has always arrogated the right to mark its others while going about unmarked itself.” -T Minh-ha   and/but, always   “the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.” -Che  


how much time have I wasted not really saying the thing I want to say? or is it all just “part of the process” …


in the morning i wonder how i can be such a genius and such an idiot at the same time!


i know that i know that i know there’s a fire inside that may be temporarily bewildered and confused but will find its way again. i value ambiguity, gray, inbetween-ness but i’m also sick of it. i appreciated the sun today i appreciated its clarity. it was here. no hint of a chill until sundown…

“The other nations who are not witnesses…they cannot know. Unfathomable the words, the terminology: …atrocities…destruction[, earthquakes]. They exist only in the larger perception of History’s recording…Not physical enough. Not to the very flesh and bone, to the core, to the mark, to the point where necessary to intervene… To the others, these accounts are about…

“enough” ?

in all her knowing she knew nothing in her ecstasy she was afraid she said “thank you” for this opportunity and soaked it in in the back of her mind she knew it was ending too soon in the back of her mind she knew it might not be enough.

There it was Glowing before me A bulbous, blue-grey-white Floating, resting Unknowable gift. I could only nod in recognition. My spirit knew and said “wow, wow wow, wow.” I didn’t want to lose it But didn’t want to force it I also didn’t want to spin off Like I usually do But beyond all that…