a saying nothing

Skyline I couldn’t
have dreamed up myself –

what was it I dreamt about last night?

Still looking for a home,
can’t get it out of my head.

Writing too
quickly. Wait for it. She
wrote about birthing suns. Counting
grains of sand. I write about
some endless
search. If I made writing my
arrival, would it change
the person I am?

Finding the best relations.

Dotted – constellation
Connect the dots,
trusting the dots connect.

Releasing daily,
act of releasing

I like to write
about the things I
love about people –
the short legs.
Cross eyes.

I want form,
Format, do i?

Creeping lines, a
Blazing through the
Eye, a frazzled,
Frizzled hair. A
Trying to
An unsaying.
A saying nothing.


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