dreams are wild

why am i always floating somewhere else, somewhere far off

unsatisfied with where i am

not seeing the human beings in front of me as beautiful souls, every one
a glowing, bulging life

why am i unsatisfied with the walls of this place, the parking lot and grey gate
that traps me and reminds me that the bell’s about to ring
why can’t i create an experience in this room,
a whirlwind of learning
of intricate stories from our past
why is this stale and lifeless to me

maybe it’s the cold

am i doing what i love? where am i…

i love working with youth


i’m not done growing yet i guess…

i’m not done experiencing and living..

that’s what i’m struggling with perhaps….

i’m not ready to be the authority now, i want to still be experiencing and thinking.. i still want to be self indulgent


kids living in fear

today it was about 5:30 and i was at the cloud 9 bodega outside school.. the sun was going down.. and this little boy (couldn’t have been more than a 6th grader) goes “lets gooo, the bus is coming and its gettin dark.. my block is no joke at this time.”  his older friend told him to chill out but i couldn’t stand the look on his face. little 6th graders shouldn’t have to be scared to go home every day.