i just wanna write

here i am in my bed and it’s a saturday night! and i spent it inside, alone, doing nothing in particular.. man. the quiet was nice at some points, healing.. peaceful.. at some points scary. all the sound starts up around 11pm on saturday night.. things get louder and more alive. i should be heading…

rock out?

i think the reason why i can’t “rock out to my hyphenated identity” or feel honest in saying that or whatever is because i still haven’t claimed my power.. i’m still stuck in this humilty is moral bullshit

from my bedroom window

my bedroom window, photo taken by best friend, isa. ~ brick apartment building is stolid tough against a playful sky.

end of the day

being lost in abstraction, placelessness and wonder. being free. motivating myself to see this day as the day it will be amazing.. the day we change the world together, one history lesson at a time. feeling strong. calm. interacting with my kids in loving ways. asking them how they are. patience, the renewal of hope….